Image 0 - Artù, the small train of the Castles
Image 1 - Artù, the small train of the Castles
Image 2 - Artù, the small train of the Castles

Artù, the small train of the Castles

2023 season
The train is in service from 06.04.2023 to 05.11.2023

The tourist train service is available during the summer season, bringing visitors to Montebello Castle and Sasso Corbaro Castle. The direct link is able to comfortably transport 36 passengers, who can sit back and enjoy a spectacular view throughout the trip.

The journey begins from the Bellinzona historic city centre and ends at the Montebello and Sasso Corbaro castles. Since it begins in the city centre, you can also catch a glimpse of the hamlet’s main historical monuments.

The tour lasts about one hour and tickets can be purchased at the point of departure.

Don’t miss the Artù tourist train, featuring breath-taking views of the city and its enchanting surroundings!


  • Sunday - Friday: 10.00, 11.20, 13.30, 15.00, 16.30 departure from Piazza Collegiata
  • Saturday: 11.20 and 13.30 departure from Piazza Governo, 15.00 and 16.30 departure from Piazza Collegiata



  • Adults Fr. 12.–
  • Discounted (AVS, students, groups) Fr. 10.–
  • Family (2 adults + 2 discounted) Fr. 30.–


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