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Forest Bathing

An experience of connection with Nature to increase one's well-being and inner listening skills.

The Mendrisiotto offers various energy places where one can immerse oneself and experience the primordial energy of this area undisturbed. On these outings we encounter different qualities of energy and different species of trees. Through simple perception exercises we learn to feel these differences and how they act in our bodies.

Perceiving these energies is an innate ability of the body, we have just forgotten to have it because we are more and more connected to technologies. Rediscovering this ability allows us to improve our quality of life and get back in touch with ourselves and our well-being. Everyone has a different way of perceiving, it will be surprising to discover yours.

The duration of the activity can vary from half a day to a full day and can take place at various locations in the Mendrisiotto.

Individual and customised programmes can be created.

Offer period: all year round

Meeting point: Railway Station, Mendrisio

Participants: minimum 4 / maximum 12

Price: CHF 50.- p.p.

Payment: directly on the place on the day of the visit

Registration: by sending an email to abbraccialatuanatura@gmail.com