Image 0 - Cablecar Monte Carasso-Mornera
Image 1 - Cablecar Monte Carasso-Mornera
Image 2 - Cablecar Monte Carasso-Mornera
Image 3 - Cablecar Monte Carasso-Mornera
Image 4 - Cablecar Monte Carasso-Mornera

Cablecar Monte Carasso-Mornera

From Monte Carasso (300 m) a modern, fast and environmentally friendly cable car connects the plane with Mornera (1400 m) in just 12 minutes (Book your lift online). The new facility has been in operation since 2001 and one of the most important news is the automatic operation, that allows to return, in times of non-presence of the driver, by using the operating system directly from the floor cabin.

Mornera lies on a gentle natural terrace facing the south, surrounded by larch and fir trees, where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Bellinzona region, on the Magadino plain and the main peaks of the alps.

There are many possibilities for relaxation and recreation that Mornera offers:

- Pleasant walks in a beautiful natural landscape;

- An ideal base to enhance the passion of flight with a paraglider.

The possibility of climbing on granite, in a very special environment.

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  • VENUES Suitable for families
  • TRANSPORTS Funiculars - Cable cars