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Mulino di Bruzella

Grind your polenta flour!

In the picturesque valley bottom carved by the river Breggia is the Mill of Bruzella, an ancient millstone restored and working since 1996. It can be reached on foot in 15 minutes from Bruzella or Cabbio along the old mule track that starts from the cantonal road.
The Bruzella mill normally operates on a regular basis thanks to the expertise of the miller Irene Petraglio and her collaborators Giuseppe Bernasconi, Paolo Rezzonico and Fabio Bossi. The visit to the mill is interesting and instructive and allows you to understand the operation of this great machine with its components: the water intake, the irrigation ditch, the large iron cassette wheel, the transmission mechanism, the hopper and the buratto. It is possible to buy the polenta flour.