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Transfinity Entertainment Center

Transfinity VR Entertainment Center in Lugano is the first Virtual Reality Arcade in Switzerland and one of the few in Europe; at Transfinity you will be catapulted into another world and find it difficult to understand the boundaries between reality and virtual reality.

Infinite ways to enjoy yourself in Virtual Reality
Get ready for an overwhelming virtual reality experience with incredibly stunning visual effects and 360° audio that catapults you and your friends into virtual worlds that are more realistic than anything you can imagine. Become a space pirate and save the world from extraterrestrial invaders. Unleash your creativity with three-dimensional brushstrokes. Balance 160 meters up in the air on a wooden plank or become a Formula 1 driver.

Our attractions
VR Station
Experience virtual reality in its purest form. Put on your VR headset with built-in headphones, grab the controllers and dive into a fantastic virtual world with one of our 40 games: single or multiplayer, first person shooter games, educational experiences, virtual escape rooms, children's games, artistic experiences and much more.

Racing Simulator
Try the most exciting virtual reality racing simulators on a motion platform that you have ever experienced. Choose the car and the track, put on the VR headset, grip the steering wheel and drive at full speed!

Vertigo Walk
Have you ever wondered what it feels like to walk on a bench suspended at 160m in height? Try our Vertigo Walk and you'll find out! To see it is a simple wooden plank, but once worn the virtual reality viewer nothing will be as it seemed! A thrilling experience!

Ghost Town Mine Ride
The mine cart is ready and your pistol is loaded – are you brave enough to confront zombies, skeletons, giant insects and cave-ins? Then climb aboard and let’s go!

XD Cinema
Movies have never been so engaging. Vibration, movement, special effects and tons of 4D movies to choose from. Sit down, fasten your seat belt, put on your 3D glasses and enjoy the most exciting 4D experience of your life!

In the V-Arena you can break away from virtual escape rooms, fight hordes of zombies together with your friends, have fun with your children with different adventures or live horror experiences.
The V-Arena gives you plenty of space to move around freely with your friends. No cables, in fact you can wear the computer thanks to the comfortable backpack. 

Virtual Escape Games
Transfinity's Virtual Escape Games allow you to experience environments that are impossible to reproduce in classic escape rooms. Futuristic, historical environments, out of time and space in which you are used to moving, on planet earth or in space or in fantastic worlds.

VR Lasertag Arena
Discover the fun of a laser gun battle in our VR Lasertag Arena. With this attraction you will experience super dynamic and fun games and discover why the Lasertag with virtual reality is the new frontier of fun.




Reservation is not compulsory but recommended; for availability and booking: www.transfinity.ch/prenota/