Be spoiled for choice

Explore Ticino, a region that has more than plenty to offer

The pleasant climate and wonderful scenery with its lakes and mountains provide the perfect setting for an original incentive.

Culinary delights

Among Ticino’s greatest riches are without doubt its food and wine – made from healthy and authentic produce that originates locally, and elaborated according to ancient local traditions.


Sport & Fun

From the most adventurous to the most relaxing sports, whether indoor or outdoor, Ticino has the answer if it's sport you're looking for.


Art, culture and events can also inspire your next activity in Ticino. And why not considering a visit to a local company and look behind the scenes?

Culture & Events

Ticino is a land of culture, of art and artists. The region is scattered with monuments and artworks of a rare beauty. All around, history, architecture and art intertwine, blending harmoniously into the landscape.


Behind the scenes & Shopping

Ticino offers some special guided tours that will introduce you to people’s daily life in the region. This activity is ideal for anyone who is already familiar with the main highlights in the area or is looking to do something off the beaten track. Find out how cheese and chocolate are made or how wine and beer are produced.


It is never too late to shift up and leave the daily stress behind you in the varied constellation of wellness centres that enhance Ticino.

Water & Relax

Take your time and relax in one of the magnificient spa & wellness centres located in Ticino.