A place to encounter nature

  • Seminar
  • 20
  • In the mountains
  • 27 m

Nature reigns supreme at Acquacalda, offering visitors a warm welcome. Its energy and calmness make this the ideal setting for any corporate retreat.

The fresh mountain air fills your lungs as you step off the bus, reawakening your senses and also whetting your appetite. Fortunately, lunch is scheduled before the seminar gets underway! Just a forkful of polenta and cheese and you’re completely absorbed in the modern and welcoming atmosphere of the Centro Pro Natura.

You follow your colleagues from the restaurant to the bright conference room, where you’re intrigued to find out how the course will be structured. The team hasn't been working particularly well together recently and the hectic pace of office life has prevented this issue from being dealt with.

Why are we already getting up again? Who knows? After a short introduction you set off for a guided tour in search of examples of cooperation in the natural world.

Centro Pro Natura, Acquacalda

Centro Pro Natura, Acquacalda

Centro Pro Natura, Acquacalda

Centro Pro Natura, Acquacalda

How do ants organise themselves? How are their roles assigned?

The inquiring questions touch upon critical issues faced in the office. A bit of healthy exercise and the alpine scenery are a real panacea, making it a lighter and more refreshing matter to discuss. It’s amazing what nature can do!

Stretched out on your bed in the comfort of your room, you look back at the interesting debriefing and come up with lots of ideas about how to improve communication and collaboration in the group. Satisfied, you allow the tranquillity of the mountains to lull you into a deep and restorative sleep!


Group transfer from Bellinzona


Welcome aperitif and lunch


Briefing and guided excursion

7:30 pm

Evening meal in front of a roaring fire

Good Night

Overnight stay in the campsite beneath the stars