Group trips

Plan effortlessly where to sleep, where to eat and what to do in Ticino

Ticino: the perfect destination for your group trip

Discover the unique charm of Ticino, a region where natural beauty, cultural richness, Swiss hospitality and a Mediterranean climate combine to create an unforgettable experience. Whether you are a company or an association eager to strengthen ties between the team respectively the members, a group of friends in search of adventure, a school ready to offer an educational and fun excursion, or a scout section in search of new challenges, or more, Ticino has it all for you.

When organising a group trip, there are four fundamental aspects that can make the difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary experience: accommodation, gastronomy, group activities and transport. Navigate through these four sections to plan every detail of your group trip to Ticino.

In the following sections, you will find further details and suggestions for planning tailor-made activities for your group, ensuring unforgettable experiences for all participants.

Social programmes

Explore the many travel inspirations for groups in the different region of Ticino and find your perfect social program.


Guided tours

Ticino offers some special guided tours that will introduce you to people’s daily life in the region. Find out how cheese and chocolate are made or how wine and beer are produced.


Excursions and hiking

Canton Ticino is a land of extraordinary and fascinating natural contrasts. Within a few kilometers the visitor experiences the transition from the imposing Saint Gotthard massif giving way to the gentle vineyards on the Mendrisiotto hills.


Independent visits

What’s your ideal holiday? You’ll find it in Ticino. Whether travelling as a family, a couple or with friends, Italian Switzerland is for you.


Ticino Convention Bureau

Do you want to organise an event or group activity, but don't yet know where? Get personalised and free advice from the innovative Competence Centre for Business Tourism Management in Ticino.