Accessibility and mobility

Find out how you can get to Ticino and how you can get around.


Those arriving by airplane can land just outside Lugano, and thanks to the well-developed motorway network, travelling from anywhere in Europe by car is also a quick matter. Reaching Ticino has never been easier. The Gotthard and Ceneri Base Tunnels quickly connect Ticino with the rest of Switzerland and make travel within the region easier. Ticino is also a destination that can be reached from the air, either by landing directly at Lugano-Agno Airport or by traveling in your own vehicle along the North-South axis or, more generally, on the motorway network that provides quick access from all over Europe.


Getting around Ticino is easy and convenient thanks to an excellent public transport system. Regional railway lines offer fast connections between the canton's main cities. Buses, with frequent and extensive schedules, make it easy to reach even the most remote villages. In addition, ships sailing on Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano offer an attractive and relaxing transport option. Thanks to this integrated transport network, getting around Ticino is practical and efficient.

  • Distances between the main cities in Ticino
    Airolo 60 km Bellinzona
    Ascona 23 km Bellinzona
    Biasca 24 km Bellinzona
    Chiasso 26 km Lugano
    Locarno 22 km Bellinzona
    Locarno 48 km Lugano
    Lugano 30 km Bellinzona
    Mendrisio 20 km Lugano
Ticino Ticket

A further advantage for those visiting Ticino is the Ticino Ticket, which allows free travel on all public transport in the canton during your stay. In addition to free transport, the Ticino Ticket offers discounts on numerous tourist attractions, activities and services, making exploring the region even more convenient and enjoyable. Available to guests staying in participating hotels, hostels and campsites, the Ticino Ticket is a valuable ally for discovering every corner of Ticino without worries.

Local transport companies

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