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Axe Throwing Club Ticino

"Axe throwing" for us: “tiro dell’ascia”. It is a new sport in Switzerland, born in the United States and Canada as a hobby of lumberjacks and eventually introduced in Sweden, where the most important league currently exists. In fact, our club is the first to use the official Swedish rules, here in Switzerland. The objective of this sport is to throw a double-bladed axe, in our case, from a distance of 6.10 m, at a target with concentric circles, of about 92 cm, of course the closer you get to the centre the more points awarded. We also use other axes, depending on the event. If the event is medieval you can also find the Danes, or the French axe and, most recently, the tomahawk.

Our club has been active for almost one year, but it is only recently that we have formalized everything. We participate in this discipline not only for sport, but, also love of the simple fun, for this we also participate in demonstrations as medieval characters. We are base in Ticino but we also have travelled to Friuli, Italy, and in July we will be at our first championship in Herrischried, Germany.

So, if you come in Ticino and you want to try a new sport for fun and nothing dangerous -as you might think- you can come and visit us in Faido. Training is every Monday and Friday evening from 18:30 to 20:00, throughout the whole year. We have an annual fee of 120.- CHF or 15. - CHF per month. For passing tourists we also arrange visits for groups of up to 10 persons at a time, over the weekend and upon request.