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At Orselina near the church Madonna del Sasso you found the station of the cableway to Cardada. Thanks to the cable-cars' tear shape and windows on all sides down to the floor, their overall appearance is light and transparent. They are also easily accessible to the disabled and families with baby buggies. If you want, you reach the station travelling by funicolar, starting in Locarno and arriving just nearby.

Worthwhile in Cardada the landscape promontory that forms a kind of cut, a groove, in the forest landscape. Small motifs within the promontory slabs accompany the visitors reaching the funnel-shaped, widened end of the promontory. Small explanatory boards along the parapets explain the puzzling symbols that are encountered along the path, speaking of the origins of life. The view over Lake Maggiore is overwhelming and unforgettable. All along its 1.2 km length, the play path is punctuated by play equipment, devices that are intended to appeal to children and the young at heart alike. In line with the motto "Discover in a playful way", they light-heartedly evoke the spirit of adventure, fantasy, wonder and the pleasure of movement ? something that we have to some extent lost in our modern lifestyle. These are original and innovative games: for example the communicating wooden posts, which carry sounds over a distance and thus appear like precursors to the telephone. 

A two-seater chairlift running parallel to the axis of the ropeway leads from Cardada to Cimetta, offering guests the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking view during their ride. The highest point in Cimetta has been made into a geological observation point: a large, circular platform that merges into the layers of rock on the sides. This surface area is used to develop the theme of "The horizon of the rocks ? the clash of two continents". It is traversed by a straight line representing the Insubric line that separated the European and African plates millions of years ago. Rock hitting against rock, stone grinding against stone; some samples are presented here on the platform ground. The 360° panoramic view is from the Maggia river delta between Locarno and Ascona, the lowest point of Switzerland, to the Monte Rosa massif, the highest point of Switzerland.

Sport and leisure: 2 Helsana running walking trails, 1 orienteering for children, 1 orienteering for adults, mountain bike trail, paragliding and a foot sole massage path.

Cardada Cimetta, just few minutes from Locarno, offers you peace, nature and wonderful walks and excursions. The restaurants and lodges are delighted to welcome you with traditional Ticino cuisine.


For more information, plase look at www.cardada.ch



  • TRANSPORTS Funiculars - Cable cars
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