Image 0 - Corporate Orchestra

Corporate Orchestra

Set in a context of pure fun, the team puts into practice collaboration and listening skills, it finds the energy required to complete the project and the attention and the ability to join in. It’s an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other in an active and enjoyable way outside the working environment. It’s a completely new, unexpected and inspiring experience, the effects of which will stay with the participants on return to their daily work.

From a starting point of practically non-existent musical skills emerges a team capable of producing excellent results. Integration between the group members is made easier and a huge boost of energy and emotion is generated.
The challenge is a great surprise to the participants, and initially appears to be impossible. They have to become a great orchestra in a few hours. The experience of putting together a musical group will amaze the participants for the speed with which they are able put into motion mechanisms which are usually take much longer.

The Orchestra will be able to respond to the conductors, to speed up and slow down, to alter the volume, to perform questions and answers between the various musical sections and to have moments of improvisation.