Image 0 - Fossil Museum of the Monte San Giorgio
Image 1 - Fossil Museum of the Monte San Giorgio
Image 2 - Fossil Museum of the Monte San Giorgio
Image 3 - Fossil Museum of the Monte San Giorgio
Image 4 - Fossil Museum of the Monte San Giorgio

Fossil Museum of the Monte San Giorgio

Remodeled and expanded by the Ticinese architect Mario Botta, the Fossil Museum in Meride exhibits a selection of fossilized animals and plants from the unique UNESCO World Heritage Site of Monte San Giorgio.


The 2.5-meter long reconstruction of the saurian Ticinosuchus welcomes visitors to the fossil museum in the center of the village of Meride. Spread over four floors, the large variety of animals that lived 245 to 180 million years ago in the erstwhile sea and on the coast of southern Ticino are exhibited. Illustrations and models explain to the public the long extinct world whose fossils have been excavated, prepared and scientifically described by Swiss and Italian experts since 1850.


Possibility to visit Monte San Giorgio and the fossiles Museum with a specialized guide.



NEWS 2019
Audio guide for kids


In December 2018 the new audio guide for children was inaugurated. An interactive multimedia support that allow youngsters to visit the Meride Fossil Museum in a simpler and more intriguing way.


"Fred", the Ticinosuchus ferox, will accompany you on a journey back in time to the Middle Triassic, 240 million years ago, to discover the animals that populated the lagoon of Monte San Giorgio.

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