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Mead is an alcoholic beverage made from honey, not apples as you might easily think! It is believed to be the oldest fermented in the world!

The nectar of the gods
The etymology contains the Greek word Hydor (water) and Mèli (honey). In ancient times it was known as the nectar of the Gods and used as a sacred and ritual drink. To it, it was attributed a transforming power, it was believed that those that drink it became similar to the Gods.

The nutritional properties of honey, a unique and inimitable food, have always been known. It is an energy drink rich in glucose and fructose, stimulates the body and the mind, increases muscle efficiency, improves physical and mental performance and possesses therapeutic properties.

The greatest peculiarity of mead, however, is its taste: when you approach the drink to your mouth you will seem to feel like the lips of Venus resting on yours.

... it seems is also a very good aphrodisiac ... try it to believe!

To all intents and purposes, mead is a product at zero kilometer, local and artisanal.

Mead on the table
It is a digestive liquor, so to be served after a meal and it is recommend to drinking it fresh, from a refrigerator or at room temperature in icy glasses. One important detail: Always stir up the contents of the bottle before pouring!


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