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Innerwalk Project

Discover Switzerland in a completely new way with Innerwalk Project: Transformative Touristic Experiences!

Do you want to travel and explore Nature from a different perspective? Innerwalk Project connects walking trails and energetic places with Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Sound Healing and Meditation practices. Magic landscapes together with like minded people.

Innerwalk is an IN & OUT adventure, you have the chance to reconnect with yourself and with nature. It can be either a group or a solitary experience. Each participant receives Radio Frequency Headphones to listen to the instructions provided by the travel guide and the music created in collaboration with different Sound Artists ""ad hoc"" for each specific venue. Our equipment allows you to keep your desired distance up to 300 meters from the DJ. You can dance, walk or stay still and enjoy the process. Every event is unique.

The music journey is created live through a portable console. Silent, respectful, no electricity.

Innerwalk sessions include:

  • Meeting Point where you can join the group
  • Short and easy hike from 15 up to 45 minutes
  • Introduction and warm up with the Travel Guide
  • DJ set with the Headphones (tailormade soundtrack for each event)
  • Meditation

Minimum number of participants: 10
Maximum number of participants: 30
Duration: 3 hours
There are no age limits. Innerwalk is suitable for children over 12 years old and people in good health capable to walk uphill for 15 up to 45 minutes.

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  • VENUES Eco-friendly
  • SERVICES Group activity/Social program
  • Swisstainable Level I commited