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Safe Driving School

The Safe Driving Centre & Skid Control School began its road driving training and improvement activities at the beginning of the 1970s. Unnus Hendrichs, its founder and present director, after many years of sports experience in competitive car racing, decided to dedicate himself to his true passion: the teaching of road driving and set up a training centre at Osogna, near Bellinzona, where he had a special track built for skid control, safe driving and defensive driving exercises.

The Safe Driving Centre employs only qualified experts and certified instructors in compliance with the requirements of the Swiss Council for Road Safety.

The main objective of the programmes of the Safe Driving Centre & Skid Control School is to protect the safety of all motorists by correcting and improving the behaviour and mentality of those at the steering wheel of a vehicle, while also favouring the learning of the basic techniques of safe driving in emergencies or in difficult road and weather conditions.

Motorists must feel themselves not only safe in their vehicles and on the road, but above all they must be aware of their own driving behaviour. It has been established that over 90% of all road accidents are due to human error and therefore to behaviour. Improving and correcting behaviour to adapt it to the varying traffic situations dramatically reduces the risks of accidents and therefore saves many lives.

Courses take place all days (7/7) by appointment.