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Stagend.com – Artist Booking and Event Promotion Stagend.com is your specialized partner for musician booking as well as any kind of public and private event (band, dj, etc.).

Stagend helps you to find the right artist or musician and to promote your event.

Musical artist booking

  • Publish your booking offer right on our website and find the best artist for your event
  • Personalized artist booking

Event promotion through different media channels

  • On the screens of 18 main post offices in Ticino
  • Online Agenda (free)
  • Mobile Agenda (free)

Contest to win tickets (use the system on Stagend to automatically put tickets in the raffle for your event).

In collaboration with 20 Minuti and Tio.ch, Stagend.com manages a column that talks about regional music events. Inform us about your event at info@stagend.com.

In all of Switzerland and Italy, Stagend.com will help you to find the right music and promote your events.