Image 0 - Vallemaggia: places of power
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Vallemaggia: places of power

Places of power are known since ancient times. They are situated into nature or into cities and have very elevated levels of cosmic and terrestrial energies. We will visit places of great beauty and spirituality. The energy can be measured scientifically, but it is especially perceivable personally by an attentive and opened visitor.

We will see spectacular waterfalls, secular forest, sacred hills and rocks, source fountains, old churches and artistically decorated chapels.Through interesting explanations we will get to know better the area, the four elements earth-water-fire-air, geomancy and history. Through simple exercises we will try to perceive the energetic qualities of the places.

Some of the most important “magic” places are the church of Mogno, the waterfalls of Foroglio and Maggia, the ruins of the Gallo-roman temple over Ponte Brolla, the many chapels painted by great artists and the beautiful “canyons”, ponds and meander created by the rivers.