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Tamborini Vini

Spazio Emozioni Room

space in which to taste our products, enjoy our evenings or simply share unforgettable moments in which wine is centre stage and moves us… with passion!

Every time we uncork a bottle of wine we are experiencing an event. And we know this sensation very well!
It is precisely with this combination in mind that we have created a cosy, welcoming, modern, informal and sophisticated space… because certain feelings need the right context.

The Emotion Space is the ideal space for your events, guaranteeing you the privacy you need and the environment and style you are looking for, as well as making a well-equipped professional kitchen available to you.

Professionalism and expertise at your service. We offer you a wide selection of wines, avant-garde technologies for conferences, and qualified partners to organise the best events and catering services.

Viaggio Sensoriale Room

This room takes you to ‘doors’ which, when ‘virtually’ opened, take you on a journey which begins with TOUCH.
By means of touch we perceive matter, earth, leaves and fruit, and it is precisely the pressing of the fruit which sets the wine making process in motion.

The second door represents HEARING.
Hearing is not something we associate much with wine, but it is by means of corkscrews and the classic, slight sound they make that we know that a toast is coming. It is no coincidence that the panel shows a cork being removed, the best material to seal up our bottles.

The third door represents SIGHT.
Our eyes examine a wine’s colour, nuances and transparency. It is the first contact we have with a wine. It is an important first test, and a determinant one in assessing the quality of a wine.

The fourth door presents SMELL.
It is a very important one for tasting, because it is with our noses that we perceive a wine’s aromas and smells. The first, positive notes are unripe or ripe fruit, vanilla pod and toast aromas; the second and less pleasant ones are cattle shed, mould, vegetable and oxidised aromas.

TASTE is an essential assessment element.
After the other senses have done their work, taste comes to the fore giving us a general opinion of the product and enabling us to assess its quality and flavour.

The last door is PLEASURE, the pleasure of tasting and sharing, of discovering.

Wine is bottled poetry, encompassing all theses sensations and bringing our journey through the sensory doors to an end.


Meeting rooms

Name m2 mxm H Price
Sala Spazio Emozioni 90 52 60 600
Sala Viaggio Sensoriale 50 32 40 250
Available Available Available upon request Available upon request Not available Not available
Concert Seminar Banquet Reception
Accessible for disabled Air conditioner Internet Projector Microphone