Raising your glass to a new start in a winery

  • Seminar
  • 40
  • In the countryside
  • 450 m

The Sala Spazio Emozioni within the Tamborini Winery creates the perfect atmosphere for discussion and learning something new, both about yourselves and about wine.

You alight from the train in Lamone-Cadempino and walk towards the Cantina Tamborini where you will attend the first afternoon of leadership seminars. The human resources team recommended it to you given your new managerial role and you can’t wait to get started.

You join the other participants and a number of colleagues in the bright and welcoming “Spazio Emozioni” room. The course introduction begins after the usual pleasantries. The various modules are very interesting, touching upon both rationality and emotions. Your mind wanders during the short break … emotions are important within a company, of course, but who knows whether they chose the room because of its name?

Vini Tamborini, Lamone

Vini Tamborini, Lamone

Sala Sesoriale, Lamone

Sala Sesoriale, Lamone

Shop Tamborini, Lamone

Shop Tamborini, Lamone

Sala Spazio Emozioni, Lamone

Sala Spazio Emozioni, Lamone

Time flies and the first course module is almost over. You’re pleased you can stay for the guided tour of the winery and the wine tasting session. The process involved in making a good wine is fascinating and it’s clearly something your guide is very passionate about. The “Vivi” and “Credi” wine labels make you think about the course contents and the power of language.

You’re more convinced than ever that it will prove a beneficial experience. What better start than a toast with a good glass of Ticino wine? Cheers!


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