Image 0 - Introduction to traditional archery
Image 1 - Introduction to traditional archery
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Introduction to traditional archery

Discover traditional archery thanks to a training course offered in the Riviera of Gambarogno’s heart. On the Dügn clearing, in a valuable naturalistic context, the archer Marco Nussbaum will guide you through the learning of this ancient and noble art.

Archery field:

  • The training course takes place at Marco Nussbaum’s workshop, which is found in Via Cantonale 176, Magadino (behind the ski fence)
  • The archery field of the Società Arcieri del Dügn (Archery Society of the Dügn) is located on a clearing on top of Piazzogna, and it features 3D targets


  • historical anecdotes on an activity over 10'000 years old
  • discover your dominant eye
  • safety standards to follow before and after shooting the arrow
  • preparation, shooting and shooting positioning
  • nock, draw, natural arrow release and bow withholding
  • preparatory breathing and target focusing techniques
  • archery field in the private park of the Dügn Archery Club

Private training 1 hour:

  • You will learn the basic rules of instinctive shooting at the 3D silhouette as well as the shooting positions uphill, downhill and on your knees. In addition, the approach to the firing peg, shooting from the platform or on rocks and in uncomfortable terrain with unclean views.
  • Price for children: CHF 70
  • Price for adults: CHF 100

Training for children and parents:

  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • The training take place at the workshop of Magadino (Via Cantonale 176) or at the archery field in Piazzogna
  • Price: CHF 180
  • Price: CHF 120 (if the parents do not shoot) 

Introductory training for groups:

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Maximum number of participants: 6
  • Price: CHF 350


  • Available for participants: longbows and arrows made with cedar wood


  • Contact Marco Nussbaum, Longbow archer, FAAS member, 0041 79 621 76 25, ski@redwhite.ch
  • Languages spoken: Italian, German, French and English


  • VENUES Suitable for families