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Original Tours Ticino

Have you ever thought of improving your Italian in a healthy and fun way? And at the same time having the opportunity to get to know Ticino, its gastronomy, its people and experience something different every day? Many people feel uncomfortable when they have to speak a foreign language; our main objective is interactive language practice outside the classroom in an open and informal manner!

Give it a try!

Participants: min 5 max 15

You can join us every day or just a few. Talk-tours for smaller groups or for individuals on request.

Language level required: beginners, intermediate, advanced.....Talk-tours are suitable for everyone or can be adapted on request.

For more information/bookings please contact:

Patricia Carminati

Talk-tours are available in Spanish and Italian.

Other original Ticino photo tours, children's tours, cooking experiences, Nordic walking, city tours also available in English, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Contact us for more information.