The best day of your life

Moments steeped in emotions

Ticino Convention Bureau - MICE Ticino

Ticino Convention Bureau - MICE Ticino

Start dreaming of the great emotions that await you. Ticino Turismo is pleased to offer you free support in finding the ideal location and partners.

The big day has finally arrived. Everything has been taken care of down to the very last detail, from the clothes you’ve chosen to the jewellery you’ll wear on the day, including your wedding rings. 

Preparazione sposo, Vog Lugano
Trucco sposa, trucchiAMOci

The bride’s hairstyle and make-up will set off her face perfectly. Accessories will complete the groom’s outfit. 

KURZ Schmuck & Uhren, Lugano
Chiesa di Santa Maria degli Angeli, Monte Tamaro

Time to say I do. 

An exchange of gazes, sweet words and promises. Placing the rings on each other’s fingers marks the start of an emotional new chapter in your lives. 

Cerimonia simbolica, Monte Tamaro
Monte Tamaro

Monte Tamaro, with the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, is the perfect setting for a fairy-tale wedding. 

Chiesa Santa Maria degli Angeli, Monte Tamaro
Fiori, Miss Deco

Every dream ceremony demands an equally special venue. The choice of a unique location and attention to detail in the decor will make your big day even more unforgettable. 

The reception. 

A venue such as the BLU Restaurant & Lounge, fitted out to meet your requirements, is undoubtedly a perfect place for hosting the most wonderful day of your lives. 

BLU Restaurant & Lounge, Locarno
BLU Restaurant & Lounge, Locarno

The time has come to share your happiness with your guests. 

BLU Restaurant & Lounge, Locarno
Fiore di pietra, Monte Generoso


Having left your guests, it’s now the moment to have some time to yourselves. Your memories will be masterfully immortalised and captured forever. 

Fiore di Pietra, Monte Generoso

A unique and unexpected location, such as the Fiore di Pietra, is the ideal backdrop for these memories. 

Sposi sul Monte Generoso
Torta nuziale, Sweet Cupcakes

The end of the day is approaching, along with one of the most eagerly awaited events: the cutting of the wedding cake. The choice of cake, its ingredients and its design represent another way in which you can make your magical day even more unique and memorable. 

The most romantic moment.  

Cutting the cake is certainly one of the most important moments of your day. The light of the setting sun gives the ancient village of Curzútt a magical and mysterious atmosphere. The perfect setting for this dream moment. 

Sposi, Curzùtt
Villaggio di Curzùtt

One last opportunity to surprise your guests, but above all for the two of you to share. 

Momento romantico, Curzùtt

Discover the four wedding locations and start planning the best day of your life in Ticino

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Dettagli ricevimento, BLU Restaurant & Lounge