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  • Concert
  • 120
  • In the countryside
  • 1,1 km

The magnetic pole of the Centro Monte Verità has even attracted your corporate retreat to the hill overlooking Lake Maggiore.

You’re in a rush, as ever, and you hurry to park and find the room where the corporate meeting is about to start. You walk quickly up to the Bauhaus-style centre in its truly stunning setting. The sculptures in the garden catch your eye but you can’t stop, you’re running late. Making a mental note to explore the park during your lunch break, you enter the auditorium.

You’re in luck, there are still a few seats left. You sit yourself down as the introductory video begins. You’re pleased to see the company has finally chosen a room with desks, where you can take notes in complete comfort.

Monte Verità

Monte Verità

Monte Verità, Ascona

Monte Verità, Ascona

Monte Verità

Monte Verità

The sunny coffee break puts everyone in a good mood and your hectic weekly routine goes out of your mind. You linger willingly outside to chat before the start of the workshop that will run until lunchtime.

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. You throw yourself into your group’s task and come up with a creative solution before expected. Where does all this efficiency come from? Is it the positive energy emanating from Monte Verità? Without knowing the answer, you make the most of the time left to polish the final details of the new proposal you’ll present in the afternoon.


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